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Blended Hybrid Learning

A complete institution management solution to get your school up and running with a blended hybrid manner.

Get your own personal tuter

Tuter is a marketplace where the tutors can register themselves and showcase their skills (subjects they teach - specialisation) and the students can find teachers based on their requirement and hire as a personal tutor. The teachers can either do one to one tutoring or one to many. It’s up to the students to choose the kind of teacher.

Certify your skills now!

Coacher is a marketplace where the learners (students) can attend a particular course of their choice. On completion of the course, the students get certified from the respective institute offering the course.

Top your class!

The Learner is a marketplace where the learners (students) can purchase a particular chapter in a particular subject. The chapter would be created in the form of a course where the learner will get to see videos of a particular topic in that chapter and practice questions from that particular topic after the video.

Any doubts?

It is a buddy for the student. Whenever a student is stuck on a topic or a problem, the answers are provided immediately. There are also forums in which the question can be posted and the fellow students provide the answers.

A virtual proctor for every exam

Examer is a solution where the institution, organisation or any individual can host an exam and invite a student/exam takers to write an exam. The results can be auto-generated if possible else the results will be released after manual correction.

Become a mentee

Psychometric tests are done to find out the aptitude of the students. They are then counselled for choosing a vocation or a field of study to obtain necessary qualifications and build a career.

Need personal guidance?

Experts will help you choose the colleges, streams and everything to take the crucial decision in life.

Confused where to study?

This is a marketplace where the study options all over the world for the chosen career path is provided. The student is able to view all the options along with the school ratings, scholarships offered, admission requirement and the local expenses. They could make applications to the chosen schools from the Applier.

Want to learn in an office environment?

KGtoPG would act like an exchange to facilitate the changing industry needs and provide the access to the students the opportunities in internships and apprenticeships.

AEyes on you

A solution for the brighter future which enables the upgradation of the entire educational infrastructure to the next level
The AI based Recognition System will Scan and monitor Student and Teacher presence and their certain activities in the classroom. The technology will record, analyse and provide statistical data to help in crucial decision making.

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